The Wood

Yinxian Pagoda

Timber work plays a significant role in Chinese ancient buildings. The nature texture of wood is endowed with artificial form, hence the buildings are infused with vitality and merge in to the environment context.

Yinxian wooden pagoda is the paragon of Chinese wooden architecture which exists for 800 years. Studying its structure and form, we can know the achievements in respect of technique, art form, religion, philosophy, politics and so on. Furthermore, the traditional feats and thoughts can also give an inspiration to modern design about how to utilize the natural materials. The 1/80 model was made according to an important ancient book of architecture principles named "Yinzhao Fashi" and some other image materials provided by our tutor and team members.

Corbel Brackets System

Corbel brackets to a building is what branches to a tree. The timber brackets have both great strength and flexibility to prevent the structure from being torn down by strong force. The bracket patterns set by the government in ancient China symbolize the authority of the rulers. This model pogoda reproduced all the 54 types of corbel brackets in the original pogoda.