Mood Garden

Mood Garden is a real-world location based, semi-immersive virtual reality project with social network features. It is a digital landscape overlaid on real public place. And it changes its contents according to the emotional state of messages posted by visitors in real-time. Visitors can walk around the physical space where Mood Garden covers and enjoy dynamic digital scenery. As a result, Mood Garden bridges cyberspace and real world, creates more online or offline connections among people, brings new landscape visiting experiences.

Mood and Social Connections

Mood Garden is a digital landscape overlaid on the backyard of a school building. Unlike traditional landscape architecture, Mood Garden is a ever-changing, responsive, semi-digital semi-physical public place. It displays visitors’ own stories and generates well-designed landscape elements to provide atmosphere for reading those stories. Colorful flowers appear where people expressed their joyfulness; leaves fall where people were worrying about their days. Messages come into this place, consist a big story about this area. And then, the scenery of this digital garden can represent the overall mood state of people around there. People know each others’ stories from the garden, sit together physically and enjoy this fantastic landscape created by themselves.

A Layer of Digital Landscape

The physical part of Mood Garden creates an environment context for its digital parts, which enable visitors to walk through the pathway physically and observe Mood Garden from different perspectives. And the digital part of Mood Garden provides experiences you can never have in traditional landscape, it satisfies people’s needs in this fast-paced technological era—it is responsive and provides new experience everyday.


The digital application of Mood Garden is built through Unity 3D game develop engine. 25 low energy bluetooth devices (BLE) were placed along the pathway where the Mood Garden covers. After people come into this area, their locations will be determined by the nearest BLE. And with help of the build-in gyroscope and compass of a tablet or smartphone, an virtual reality view will be displayed on the screen matching user’s current view of physical world. People can send their stories to a forum-like webpage with geo information. The emotion of the stories will be graded on the server side and store in the database. Mood Garden application will receive all these information from the server and create story board along with its surrounding landscape elements at where this story was send.

This project was firstly reviewed on May. 21 2014.

AR Plants

An Augmented Garden Concept

This project is the early phase concept of Mood Garden.

Imaging an public digital garden. Using augmented reality technology, virtual plants in the real word will provide a magic new experience in people's everyday life. Digital garden can be interactive, you can design and shared your garden with your friend. All citizens are connected and involved in this garden to create an unique scenery which belongs to their city. Like real plants, those digital plants will respond to citizen and become flourishing if they were well nursed.