Degrees of Melancholia

Degrees of Melancholia is a poetic journey through the city of Moscow with its half destroyed and half-reconstructed landscapes, mostly ordinary “non-sites” that are “data mined” through the social media. The project uses the most recent data mining technology against the grain and not instrumentally. Nor does take the idea of data collection and interactivity for granted and foregrounds the uncanny border between how we see ourselves and how we perceive the urban environment. In other words, the project put the newest technology to the off-modern use by embarrassing its conventions of precision and instrumentality and revealing the unmeasurable and asymptotic mood architecture. In the center of the installation is the black square; It is a limit of the measurable and the visible. The image layers with mood color create a path, lead to the "data mined" places.

The journey is never ending, never reaching its destination, hence melancolic.

This project is included in an exhibition for the 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art