Light Forest

Light Forest is an interactive art installation project that challenges conventional notions of spatial perception and encourages physical social interaction.

A field comprised of individual ribbons is connected to a network of motors, which are triggered by a Kinect detecting people’s physical locations. Each ribbon is spinning with a slightly different speed when no one interferes with the installation, creating a series of waves floating in space. As soon as a person enters into the field, the ribbons around him/her will elevate in a flexible manner due to an increasing speed output mechanism. With the homeomorphic forest of strings being an allegorical representation of the unknown, the project produces an exploratory experience that allows people to seamlessly move across the space while excavating a path of their own.

Unlike the one-person scenario, the project creates a completely different experience when two or more participants approach the field. It wipes away all the uncertainty and fear of having to excavate your path through the forest by opening up one that connects you and the other participant. The moment of relief takes place when you see the other person across the ribbon field and there’s always a path connecting you two, allowing you to safely pass through without encountering any spinning helicoids on the way.

Projected onto a transformable screen made of spinning ribbons, the volumetric light projection generates a unique visual stimulation, revealing the helicoids and freezing their movement in time. The interactive experience is also enhanced by the projection and various light effects, making it almost unclear for the participants whether the space is real or an optical illusion.