HEUT #4 is a kinetic installation prototype designed by INVIVIA. It is one of a series of research projects that explores “analog/digital” design approaches. It uses the most simple digital inputs to create delicate looks.

HEUT #4 consists of 9 different sizes hanging wood triangles, they are connected to the rotating arm of a stepper motor through heavy duty threads. A well-designed pulley system converts the circular motion into a series of vertical movements controlling 27 vertices. Each vertex is able to move up and down differently which creates a kinetic wave-like shape.

The design of HEUT #4 focuses not only on the form but also on the mechanism which supports it. The accurately repeating movements make this installation meditating and manifests the installation itself as a highly self-regulated system. By exposing the process of transforming the simple rotating movement to this three dimensional sine wave, this installation also highlights the aesthetics of mechanics and mathematics.

HEUT #4 can move at different speed, and potentially with different amplitudes, which allows many variations regarding its looks. It can be easily turned into an interactive installation with some specific behaviors in the future development.