Flux City

Jamaica Bay is located in Nassau County, New York City. It connects the lower New York Bay to the Rockaway Inlet in the west.The Jamaica Bay is an estuary where freshwater and tidal salt water meet. The salt marsh ecosystem provides environmental and economic benefits to the locals.
However, urban expansion, sea level rise and sewage water discharge have caused the vanishing of salt marsh ecosystem.
This project aims to reorganized site “vectors” (flow) to adjust current direction, salinity, and urban movement to restore the salt marsh (proper sediment condition and salinity) and increase available land for sustainable urban expansion.

Landscape Infra-unit

This project that aim to fix the discrete relationship between city and nature. It uses landscape as infrastructure to guide the future development of city and meanwhile maintains or restores the natural ecosystem, especially salt marsh habitat. The resilient and functional changeable infra-unit can control flows and change the sediments distribution of this area for salt marsh restoration and urban development, and it will also establish connections and encourage more communication between human and nature.
Infra-units are tested both sectional and planetary under certain flow condition. After analyzing the permanence of single or multiple units with different size, angle and elevation, a set of angle range are assigned to different activities like pedestrian, dock or sediments catcher. It helps us reorganize the site flows.

Urban System

Landscape infrastructures also create a frame for urban development. They increase the connectivity among residential area, commercial area, transportation core, and public space of this region. Landscape and buildings are combined together to encourage the flow exchange between city and nature.


The designed landscape will optimize the existing flow for idea habitats, it will also increase the connectivity of this discrete site, and it will guide the urbanization process in an ecological way.

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