Eden exists between one's reality and fantasy.

This game project provides players a semi-digital and semi-physical space where they can experience their own Eden. It creates an immersive landscape, exists digitally in a real place and interacts to the players nearby. Player is able to observe and interact with this digitally created natural environment intuitively. In order to bring the most real experience, player's view will change according to his/her physical location and perspective; a stream, which can be used for watering the virtual apple tree, will appear when player raise his/her left hand. This digital Eden creates a real memory for plays, it blurs the boundary between real and unreal world, which makes itself even more wonderful.

Juxtaposition of Nature and Artifact

The ideal landscape keeps a proper distance to people’s reality. In the game scene, the juxtaposition of nature and artifact makes the nature become more distinct. All the game objects, such as frames of the room, pillars, grass, stone, tree connect the physical space to the idea garden. Game-objects become the digital layer of the reality, and the physical environment provides a splid context for virtual data. A secluded place for player is created. It’s dark, and small, with shelter, music provided by the tree. It’s a space for player to keep away from the views of outer environment. As a result, a space which represents natural/digital landscape most is created.

Intervention and Interaction

This digital garden provides an interactive space. In the game, player’s left hand provides yellow light, and right hand provides blue light. Player’s intervention enable the tree to glow. And by raising the left hand, player can start to poor water to the apple tree, and the tree will grow larger. This creates a feed back from game object to player and provide a feeling of creating world from void. The game scene is attached to the room by using the Kinect. Kinect tracks player’s skeleton joints, add attached game camera to player’s hand. The build-in gyroscope of iPhone change the rotation of game camera in order to simulate the real view window. The game is running on a laptop and the images and sounds are transferred to iPad wirelessly.